Values and Principles

Values and Principles

1. Respect: We guarantee a dignified, cordial and humanized treatment for everybody, without discrimination. We correspond the trust put in ourselves to accomplish our mission and the social function of the hospital appropriately.

2. Quality: We provide accessible, timely, pertinent and continuous health services with safety and humanization approach centered in the patient and his/her family.

3. Responsibility: We assume the commitment of satisfying the patients' needs and expectations in each one of our actions and the consequences that are derived from them.

4. Commitment: Going further than the mere duty, achievement and effective compliance of our functions. Being part of our institution, identifying and loving what we do.

5. Honesty: We are characterized by an upright, ethical and clear behavior that tends to the social welfare superimposing the general interest to the particular interest.

6. Transparency: Behave, act always with frankness. Do not hide anything.

7. Tolerance: Respect and be considerate to the ways of thinking, acting and feeling of other people although those are different from ours, without prejudice to the rights and duties that assist us.

8. Equity: To act according to the principles governing the fair distribution of health care.

9. Leadership: We are leaders in providing health services of medium and high complexity. We implement actions that promote the improvement of health assistance in the region.

10. Confidentiality: Respect to the human beings' secret or reserved information that does not have to or cannot be spread in public or transmitted to third parties, without the person's consent.


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