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Specialized Outpatient

In E.S.E. Hospital San Rafael in Tunja offer care in 25 specialties and sub-specialties responding to the needs of our users, counting within them with: Pediatrics, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Maxillofacial Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Plastic Surgery , Urology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Physical Medicine, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Neurosurgery, Neurology, Neuropediatría, Infectious Diseases, Pediatric Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology and Psychiatry.
For the proper provision of these services we have 14 offices, a living room casts and minor procedures dedicated to specialized medical care, supported by nurses and adequate technology support that ensures the quality of each query.

Emergency Service

In the emergency department of the E.S.E. Hospital San Rafael in Tunja respond at all levels of complexity, for which we have a group of professionals with extensive experience in handling this kind of attention.
We have a select team of generals and nurse practitioners with training and certification in CPR Advanced (ACLS), Adult Basic Resuscitation (BLS) and initial care of the trauma patient physicians.
We offer emergency care of high complexity, for which we perform the following activities.
• Triage Consulting
• Emergency Consultation
• Basic and Advanced Resuscitation (neonatal, pediatric and adult)
• Respiratory Therapy
• Nursing Care
• Specialized Medicine Interconsultations
• Room minor procedures and plaster room
• Recovery room

Basic Assistance Transportation (TAB)

In E.S.E. Hospital San Rafael in Tunja offer basic transport service ambulance with quality standards for the transport of patients whose condition poses no current or potential risk, and do not need during the journey no special care procedure.

Hospitalization Service

In E.S.E. Hospital San Rafael in Tunja provide comprehensive patient care, based on the Model of Health Services Delivery. We have capacity to serve the population boyacense our surgical and nonsurgical services, identified in our institution and clinical surgical and medical clinics for both adult and pediatric patients, in addition we counted on units of adult, pediatric and neonatal intensive care.
Our attention is focused on the patient and family with quality, ethics and social responsibility, and includes the following services:
• permanent specialized medical care
• Medical care subspecialty
• therapeutic support services and complementary
• Group metabolic and nutritional support
• Clinic enterostomal wounds and therapy.
• Lactary - Food

Department of Pediatrics

We offer specialized pediatric care and subspecialty patients permanent minors requiring medical or surgical treatment, permanent psiconeurosensorial stimulus through recreational activities, assignments and readings accompanied directed. Also, we focus on medical specialists in pediatrics and nurse practitioners with extensive experience in caring for children.
Supplementing with other hospital areas enables a full and adequate service is integrated to provide all users a high level of satisfaction, while offering educational counseling to children and parents. The service is characterized by the active participation of mothers in the comprehensive care of pediatric patients.
We offer the service:
• Neuropediatria
• Pediatric Surgery

Internal Medicine

In the Service of Internal Medicine we have a wide range of sub-specialties within which are: Dermatology, Infectious Diseases, Endocrinology, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Psychiatry and Physical Medicine.

Physical medicine, rehabilitation and therapeutic support

We have a multidisciplinary team that focuses its attention to our patients and their families considering their social environment. We are a rehabilitation unit based on diagnostic, therapeutic, educational, training and social processes, to improve the quality of life and strengthen the integration of the disabled patient to family, social and occupational environment.
We participate in departmental rehabilitation projects in the community, for the detection and timely treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.
We are part of occupational health care teams conducting preventive and therapeutic users Administrators of Occupational Risks activities, led by doctor physiatrist, with professionals in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Speech Therapy, Respiratory Therapy and Psychology.
As therapeutic support provide the service of Nutrition

Surgical Clinics

We have 5 operating rooms where we do diagnostic and surgical procedures, scheduled, outpatient and emergency qualified staff with extensive experience in the following areas:
• General Surgery
• Gynecology and Obstetrics.
• Orthopedics
• Anesthesia.

General Surgery

In the Service of General Surgery of the institution we provide care and treatment in surgical pathology, with, given for work in close relationship with professionals from other specialties a multidisciplinary approach. Professional Service members have a high standard of training to function in different sub specialties.
Offering procedures:
• Thoracic Surgery
• Laparoscopic Surgery
• Emergency Surgery of Trauma

Obstetrics and gynecology

In this important service we fulfill quality standards in the pre-partum postpartum care, delivery and includes comprehensive assessment of the mother-son, fetal monitoring and ultrasound, making TSH cord, assessment Newborn by Pediatrics, management high risk pregnancy, maternal fetal medicine specialists and diseases of the female genital tract. It is area also has the use of specialists in maternal-fetal medicine for addressing the high risk pregnancies and specialized management of complications that may arise from them, we have the subspecialty of Perinatology to ensure a high level in this service .
Our services include obstetric and gynecological basic and detail of 3D and 4D ultrasound.
We also offer accommodation in a comfortable room. We are part of institutions that follow the guidelines of the initiative: INSTITUTIONS FRIENDS OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN (MISEI).


In E.S.E. Hospital San Rafael in Tunja, being the focal point of the department of Boyaca and neighboring municipality have a service of Orthopedics and Traumatology, with specialists trained in orthopedic surgery, major trauma, pelvis, pediatric orthopedics and hand surgery. We also have trained specialists and national recognition in joint reconstructive surgery and arthroscopic hip, knee and shoulder


In the Service of Anesthesiology E.S.E. Hospital San Rafael in Tunja, we intended to enable the performance of surgical procedures avoiding pain they generate. We have modern equipment that monitors patient safety and provide assistance to all types of surgical and diagnostic procedures adult and pediatric patients. In this important service offer pre-anesthetic consultation, where all concerns the procedure likely to have the patient and family are met. This service consists of anesthesiologists with extensive experience in the field to ensure the procedure.

Surgical specialties and subspecialties

• Neurosurgery.
• Urology.
• Otolaryngology.
• Pediatric Surgery.
• Plastic Surgery.
• Maxillofacial Surgery.
• Ophthalmology.
• Dermatology.

Adult Intensive Care Unit

The Adult Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital San Rafael in Tunja is the most complex area of the institution by the severity of the patients and as the service uses more advanced life support; It is equipped with the best technology for the care of critically ill patients, which has become more complex Unit of the department and one of the largest in the country.
We have 16 cubicles adult intensive care, equipped for patient care intensive and intermediate care is coordinated by an intensivist physician who provides immediate care to patients that present with urgent catastrophic diseases, postoperative care of highly complex surgeries rests and it supports patients with severe organ dysfunction. Also, we have the major rescue program organ donors.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

In this important service we have 5 intensive and 2 intermediate units, the service is coordinated by specialists of pediatric intensive care, supported by equipment and technology that allow work and implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of high complexity, providing assistance and monitoring multiple organ (respiratory, hemodynamic, Neurologic and Renal.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our Neonatal Care Unit has 5 beds of intensive care, intermediate care 8 beds and 5 beds for basic care, in addition to the Kangaroo Mother Program. We have professional equipment and technology needed to meet the demand of the department as to the attention of the most common diseases of this special group of patients.
Within this area we offer a service of neonatology of high human, technical and scientific quality, favoring the bond of newborn-mother-father and family; generating social and economic returns for both society and the company.


Among the most common diseases in the department of Boyaca are primarily the digestive tract. Given its importance, our institution has a modern gastroenterology service, based on technology and subspecialty qualified professionals for diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.
We offer the following procedures: Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) therapeutic high digestive tract endoscopy and low (Diagnostic and Therapeutic) and Consulting Specialized in Gastroenterology.

Cardiology and cardiovascular diagnosis

The cardiology and cardiovascular diagnosis offered in the ESE Tunja San Rafael Hospital has quality standards, and specializes in diagnostic procedures in cardiology.
In this important service we offer:
• electrocardiogram
• M-mode echocardiography, pediatric Two-dimensional and Doppler color and adults.
• pharmacological stress echocardiogram
• Transesophageal Echocardiography
• EKG or Holter monitoring 24 hours,
• conventional stress test
• consultation, and consultation of adult and pediatric cardiology.

Neurophysiology Service

This important service complements neuroscience services (Neurology, Neurosurgery and Neuropediatría) with electrodiagnostic testing following:

• Videotelemetría
• polysomnography
• Electromyography
• evoked potentials
• Neuroconducciones
In Boyaca, we are the only institution that has all the specialties in the area of neuroscience.

Clinical Laboratory

With the philosophy of open doors, this specialized group of institutional policies follow the service quality, optimization, efficiency and transparency. We offer tests I, II, and III level and sampling.
In the Clinical Laboratory E.S.E. Hospital San Rafael in Tunja have a large number of basic and specialized tests in the areas of Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Hormones, Microbiology, Microscopy, coagulation, urinalysis and stool tests.

Pathology Laboratory

Pathology Laboratory diagnostics offer specialized services in histopathology and vaginal cervical cytology reading our users. We have high quality standards, highly qualified staff with professional ethics and technology, we provide you with warmth, opportunity and confidentiality towards the complete satisfaction of stakeholders.
The services we offer in histopathological studies of medium complexity are: FISH
• Karyotypes
• renal biopsies
• Immunohistochemical studies
• peripheral nerve biopsy
• Biopsy freeze
• Muscle biopsies
• Body fluids
• Conventional Pathology

Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging

In E.S.E. Hospital San Rafael in Tunja offer the service of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging of high complexity. Our team is characterized by a high scientific quality and humanized service permanently.
Our focus is based on respect for the dignity and the rights and obligations of users, providing timely administrative support services, quotes and information.
We have technology that allows among others the following tests: CT or CAT scan, ultrasound, Doppler ultrasound, fluoroscopy, mammography, special procedures, endoscopic procedures urinary, prostate biopsy, breast and thyroid; conventional and interventional radiology (Arteriography, Panangiografías, venography, aortograms, phlebography, nephrostomy, catheter insertion, etc.).

Pharmaceutical service

Our Drug Facility is the first in the country to comply with the best practices of proper preparation of intravenous medications, parenteral nutrition preparation and repackaging of non-sterile solid drug certificate issued by the National Institute of Food and Drug Monitoring INVIMA. With attention 24 hours daily driving programs such as pharmacovigilance and Technovigilance, Rational Use of Antibiotics, System Unit Dose distribution, Adjustment Central, Preparation and Drug Parenteral Nutrition.
We offer highly complex pharmaceutical service responsible for the activities, procedures and administrative interventions technical, scientific and related drugs and medical devices used in health promotion and disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation of the disease in order to contribute to harmonious and integral to improving the quality of life of patients of the institution form.


We have medical subspecialists in Pneumology with experience and quality of service, who perform procedures such as bronchoscopy to outpatient and inpatient, to complement the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases; including biopsy, bronchial brushing, bronchial aspirate and bronchoalveolar lavage, to study pathology, cytology, microbiology and cell count.

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