Among the institutional policies of the Development Plan, "Building road to excellence" important actions that affect the quality of the delivery of health services are observed, including organizational culture initiatives, changes in the physical infrastructure and the fulfillment of your vision which covers 2021 to be the leader in the region University Hospital.

Under the motto "We serve with heart" Hospital focuses its commitment to humane and safe care, conducting awareness activities involving patients, families, customers and employees, with the aim of creating culture on the humane treatment and safety patient actions that improve everyday health care they receive thousands of Boyacá.

The concepts of humanization and safety are complemented by improved physical infrastructure of the San Rafael Hospital. So this year began implementing the Project of Construction and Structural Strengthening Physical Infrastructure and refurbishment of hospital services approved by the Ministry of Health; for this project was able to manage the institution to the Ministry of 6.752 million pesos.

To build path to excellence Hospital also develops the Draft Academic Management, which I call DOESENCIA and Research Project, with the support of two research groups Research Group Public Health Reality - GISP attached to the UPTC and Health research Group in San Rafael Colciencias. In 2014, several investigations have excelled in academic settings as the work of Intravenous Thrombolysis in Ischemic Stroke postpartum presented at the XXIX Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in addition to the publication of research "Values procalcitonin in patients diagnosed as bacterial sepsis in intensive care unit "in the latest edition of the official magazine of the Colombian Association of Infectious Diseases, Infectio.




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