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Information procedures listed in the Single System Identifiación Procedures (SUIT) and incorporated into the Colombian Government Portal (PEC)

1. Assigning specialized medical appointment

Assigning specialized medical appointment

2. Initial Urgent Care

Care of people requiring immediate protection to present alteration of physical, functional and / or psychological integrity from any cause with varying degrees of severity, that compromise functionality or life of the person.

3. Death Certificate

Legally prove the death of a person.

4. Certificate of live birth

Obtain certification attesting to the fact that the infant was born alive.

5. Exam clinical laboratory

Access the sampling of blood and / or body fluid for laboratory examination of low, medium and high complexity, processing and subsequent medical evaluation, and obtain resutados

6.Medical history

Obtain a copy of the medical history in which is logged health conditions of the patient or family medical procedures and other procedures performed by the health team involved in care.

7. Radiology and diagnostic imaging

Obtaining the images and patient outcomes for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, using waves of the electromagnetic spectrum and other energy sources.

8. Therapy or rehabilitation

Access care treatments for enabling or comprehensive rehabilitation.

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