About the hospital

The social state enterprise Hospital San Rafael of Tunja is a hospital that offers health services with specialized medical assistance of III and IV level of complexity in the department of Boyacá. It is established as a reference center, not only of the department but also of the adjacent departments.

This is a public entity decentralized from the departmental order, with legal personality, own patrimony and administrative and financial autonomy.

In Hospital San Rafael we are committed to maintaining an excellent level of quality in all the health services provided by continuously improving the processes. Thus, we guarantee safety and confidence to the users and following the current legislation in the integrated quality management system.


In 2021 San Rafael Hospital of Tunja will be the leading university hospital of the region in providing health services of medium and high complexity with national and international recognition.


We are a public institution leader in providing health services of medium and high complexity, with teaching and investigative vocation and friendly inclination with the environment. We work with accreditation standards to provide integral assistance with quality, humanization and safety towards the patient and his family. We have a committed, motivated and suitable talent management department which creates confidence, development and life quality in our society with the help of advanced technology.





Administrative offices Hours: 8 -12 am and 2 - 6 pm PBX (57)8 7405030  -phone:(57)8 7405050
special hours on other services Call free: 018000918731
Office Directory Address: Car. 11 No 27-27  -Tunja (Boyacá)
Email customer service:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Country: Colombia
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